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New exposition

026.jpg The exposition is installed in the original church crypt, nowadays called the Catacombs, and in the former Jesuit gymnasium. It tells the story of the Jesuits in the Baroque epoch in Klatovy, containing period documents, historic objects, building models or film documentaries. Multimedia are used in the exposition as well. In the currently accessible parts, the tomb of the Koc of Dobrs family can be seen, a water tank or the system of sinking a coffin into the originally unaccesible crypt. The reverent room, where the mummified bodies rest now, is completed with a list of the buried and a panel with a sketch of the airing system.

The virtual tour is to be seen here, we hope it will inspire you to a personal one. Opening hours and other useful information can be found here.



The airing system and mummification

The inventive airing system took a major part in the process of the natural mummification of the bodies. In the early 20th century, however, it was damaged, which caused the decay of 140 mummified bodies. The destroyed mummies were buried in the St. James cemetery in Klatovy in 1937. Today, the airing system is fully restored and the resting 38 bodies are looked after by preservers. At several places, the apertures of the original Baroque airing system are visible.



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