Building of the Exposition

The current exposition of the Klatovy Catacombs was created during a major reconstruction of the building in 2011. The aim of the project was to restore the reverent part to its original state in order to maintain optimal climatic conditions for the mummies and to build a museum part that would bring visitors closer to the activities of the Jesuit order and the lives of people in the 18th century. The Jesuits were presented as scholars who spread the Catholic faith and European education throughout the world. Other topics of the exhibition included education and the school theater, the architecture of Jesuit buildings, medicine, music and more. It contained contemporary documents and books, historical objects and models of buildings. Documentary films captured the work of conservators in the treatment of mummies, which were moved outside the original crypts for the first time in history due to the reconstruction. Also, the process of creating a unique model of the virgin Anezka Kunhuta Prichovska of Prichovice.

In 2019, new projection screens for animated films, describing the origin of the Jesuit church in Klatovy and the method of burial in the crypts were placed in the exposition. In 2021, construction work also brought an extraordinary discovery:  another coffin with remains was discovered in a side crypt.

The modifications carried out in 2022 focused on unifying the topics in individual showcases and adding other interesting artifacts. Jesuits as scientists, missionaries, teachers and uncompromising representatives of recatholization in Bohemia. The exhibition now includes interactive elements for children, as well as expanded professional texts in kiosks. Modern projection introduces important personalities working in Klatovy, and other multimedia elements are included.

We hope that the photo gallery will inspire you to visit us in person. There are also audio guides in six languages that you can listen to on your cell phone.